Part of our mission at Vaccines: Their Risk, Safety, and Effectiveness is to provide as many sources as possible for the content and conclusions of our videos.  

When possible, we prefer primary or direct sources over secondary sources.  Some of our sources come from the Internet Web Archive project, which creates archives of web pages ensuring that what was posted is faithfully represented in our sourcing of materials.

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Sources directly quoted in the lecture

[3:15] "Post Antibiotic Apocalypse" - Dame Sally Davies, UK Chief Medical Officer - DailyMail, 13 October 2017

[4:55] - "Let Freedom Ring" - Dr. Heidi J. Larson, Vaccine Confidence Project - 1 Jan 2018

[6:20] - "The Age-Old Struggle against the Antivaccinationists"  - Gregory A. Poland, M.D., Mayo Clinic (ResearchGate)
"A taxonomy of reasoning flaws in the antivaccine movement" - Gregory A. Poland, M.D., Mayo Clinic (Mayo Clinic)

Sources for corroborating statements in the lecture

[2:14] Antibiotic Resistance -